These Terms of Access to and Use of the website (the “Terms”) are binding on users of the website. Use of the Services, which are available without registration, will be deemed to be an expression of acceptance of these Terms. “BEST HOTELS MANAGEMENT” Ltd, as data controller, processes personal data that customers provide when visiting our website in accordance with data protection legislation. In connection with the Services provided, “BEST HOTELS MANAGEMENT” Ltd processes personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy (“Policy”), which you can read here. The Policy forms an integral part of these Terms.

1. General information

“BEST HOTELS MANAGEMENT” Ltd (“”/”We”/”Us”) provides free information society services (“Services”) to individual end users (“You”). The Services include reservation and hotel accommodation options. We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please read this notice as it contains important information about how we use personal data we collect from you or that you provide to us when you make a booking through our website. Controller Information:

Name: “BEST HOTELS MANAGEMENT” Ltd. VAT: 206354965

Registered office and registered address. Varna, ul. “Address for correspondence. Varna, ul. “Address: Varna, Varna, Bulgaria; address: Varna City Hall, Varna, Bulgaria; address: Varna City Hall, Varna, Bulgaria; address: Varna City Hall, Varna, Bulgaria; address: Varna City Hall, Varna, Bulgaria


Contact phone number: +359882666525

In order to use the Services, you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and are competent to enter into a contract. “BEST HOTELS MANAGEMENT” Ltd shall not be liable in the event of use of the Services by a person who does not meet the age and capacity restrictions specified.

You undertake to provide true, complete and up-to-date booking details and to keep them so. In the event of any inaccuracy in the details, you may not use the Services until the inaccuracy has been corrected. You warrant that you are an adult or legally represented, where applicable, fully capable and that the information provided to us is true, accurate, complete and up to date. For these purposes, the User is responsible for the accuracy of all data reported and will keep the information up to date so that the data provided reflects its true state.

You warrant that you have informed third parties on whose behalf you have provided data, where applicable, of the aspects contained in this document. You also warrant that you have obtained the third party’s permission to provide their data to us for the purposes stated. You are aware that you are liable for any false or inaccurate information provided via the website and for any damage, direct or indirect, that this may cause to us or third parties.

2. Electronic statement

By clicking on the “Book Now” button and confirming the confirmation email you have received, you are making an electronic statement under these Terms and you agree to be bound by them. Before clicking the “Book Now” button, you have the opportunity to review and edit the information you have provided.

You acknowledge that electronic statements to and electronic statements from to you will be deemed to be signed by an ordinary electronic signature in accordance with Article 3(10) of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014, with the force of a handwritten signature. The authorship of these statements will be established pursuant to Art. 13 para. 1 in conjunction with Art. 13, para. 4, 2nd proviso of the Electronic Document and Electronic Certification Services Act (“EDDESA”).

For Services that are provided without the need for registration, consent to these Terms and Conditions is expressed by the mere commencement of use of the Services.
In connection with the Services, communication between you and via email is required. Pursuant to Article 5 of the ECDEA, you agree to be the recipient of electronic communications from in electronic form.

3. Use of the Services and Content on the Site

You may not in any way use, copy, modify or distribute any content that does not belong to you for any purpose other than or inconsistent with the use of the Services and the purpose of the Site without the express prior consent of “BEST HOTELS MANAGEMENT” Ltd and/or the relevant third parties.
You undertake not to interfere with the normal operation of the technical or software applications and computer systems of or the users of the Site through any unconscionable actions.

4. Create and store files and other information

You warrant that the content you store or submit through the Site does not violate these Terms or the law. In the event that it does not, you shall be liable for any resulting damages to third parties and/or “BEST HOTELS MANAGEMENT” Ltd.

The information you store and/or send via the Site may not contain: (a) advertising content;

(b) materials that violate or disrespect the rights or legitimate interests of third parties, including fundamental human rights, intellectual property rights, etc.;

(c) content of an unlawful, discriminatory, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, hateful or indecent nature, or which could embarrass, harm the reputation of, offend a third party or reveal a secret protected by law.

5. Changes

“BEST HOTELS MANAGEMENT” Ltd reserves the right to add new Services, change or remove existing Services without prior notice.

These Terms may be amended in connection with the development, addition of new, modification or discontinuance of Services or upon legislative changes. When changes are made, they will be brought to your attention and posted here.

6. Other

Except in the case of intent or gross negligence, “BEST HOTELS MANAGEMENT” Ltd shall not be liable for any damages or loss of profits resulting from:

(a) use of or inability to use the Site and/or Services;

In the event that any of the provisions of these Terms are found to be invalid, this shall not invalidate any other provisions.
In any matter not covered by these Terms, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply